Monika Jones is a founding partner of Dreamline.

She is a producer, presenter and journalist, and is responsible for the business, research and presentation sides of our projects.

Thanks to her years of experience in the joint fields of business-communications and entertainment, Monika has built up a unique level of contact to many of the leading players in the German and international corporate world.

Recently, Monika has been working very closely with the Indian Film Industry, arranging German sponsorship deals for some of Bollywood's top new projects.

For more information on Monika, please visit her separate homepage at:



Gareth Jefferson Jones is also a founding partner of Dreamline.

He is a producer and director, and is responsible for the conceptual and creative sides of our projects.

Following an early career as a stage and screen actor, Gareth has been involved in the creative side of the entertainment and business-communications industry for the last fifteen years.

During that time, he has also enjoyed success as a TV author, story-editor, corporate copywriter and translator.



Thanks to our large number of professional contacts, Dreamline is supplemented on a regular basis by a wealth of freelance artists and technicians, who work with us on a project to project basis.